Fördernetzwerk für Community Organizing in Deutschland

Das DICO und den Aufbau neuer Bürgerplattformen unterstützten bisher u.a. ein Fördernetzwerk mit

  • Aufbruch Broad Based Community Organizing in Deutschland e.V. , Verein zur Förderung und Verbreitung des Community Organizing in Deutschland und zur Förderung des DICOs
  • DICO Gesellschaft für Community Organizing gGmbH, Gesellschaft zur Förderung und Verbreitung des Broad Based Community Organizing in Deutschland  

Together in Europe (TIE)

TIE is a project in cooperation with:

Deutsches Institut für Community Organizing (DICO)
Citizens UK

Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw

New Europeans

The Project:

This project develops the skills of individuals for civic engagement through community organising training enabling EU citizens to organise support and opportunities for themselves in policy areas of interest making their voice heard as an individual, locally, nationally and in the EU.

Our focus is on encouraging large numbers of people from diverse backgrounds to be more active in public life of their new country of residence and exercising their rights as European Citizens. A community organising approach, which emphasises leadership development, working together on winnable issues and action is able to build up capacity lead to large impact when lots of groups are linked up.

The work will be supported by an Internet campaign tool for the use of those citizen groups to better understand and engage at EU level and guidance on aspects of local democracy.

The toolkit will explore the means by which citizens register their interest in the democratic process in their adopted country, engage in their community, raise complaints and hold local and national elected officials to account. It will be designed to assist EU migrants to be part of the society and community in which they are living and contribute to the development of the EU Project.

Importantly this project will direct thinking about the ways in which EU Citizens can engage with a host community and how community cohesion in those communities can be encouraged. It seeks to promote their cultural and political inclusion in their new communities such that they understand the democratic processes in the country to which they have moved and are able to exercise their democratic rights in that country and make a contribution to the development of EU policy.

Transnational Project Events 2015-16

Launch Event: 10th March 2015 in Europe House, London
Social media training: 26th March 2015 in London

DICO Training and Action: 24-27th March 2015 in Berlin

• Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Integrationspolitik auf dem Friedhof

• Berliner Zeitung - BVG will die Haltestelle Alte Försterei ausbauen

• Berliner Woche - Bürgerplattform: Verkehrssituation an der Wuhlheide entschärfen

• Berliner Abendblatt - Mehr Bahnen und weniger Autos – Bürgerplattform Südost fordert neues Verkehrskonzept für die Wuhlheide

Find us on Twitter: @wirsinddawemo; @5leone, @DICOGermany

Citizens UK General Election Assembly: 4th May 2015 in London link
CUK 2 day training: 29th May in London
CUK Training: 7th-12th June in Milton Keynes, UK

Skype call film screening: 29th September 2015 in Europa House, London

STARK! Im Kölner Norden, launch: 18th October 2015 Cologne, Germany
www.STARK-koeln.org with film of founding and press coverage
On Youtube: link

Two day Training: 20th-21st October 2015 in Warsaw
Toolkit Launch: 21st October in Warsaw
Reporting Conference: 1st December 2015 in Brussels
EU response to refugee crisis: 1st February 2016 international conference call

Important links to the project results:

Link to Participation Tool Kit: www.togetherineurope.com/en
Film on European Participation: link